Work with us!

If you would like to lead learning experiences with us and for us, read onward and see if there is a fit…

Topics that need covering (age ranges listed will be broken down into smaller , developmentally similar ranges per course)

  • Art (ages 7-18)
  • Secular Science (ages 7-18 with more rigor at the older ages but solid foundation skills at the younger ages)
  • Logic/Philosophy (ages 7-18 in age appropriate manner)
  • Spanish (ages 7-18 beginner and intermediate)
  • Writing (ages 7-18, will consider your preferred method/curricula but own IEW materials)
  • Literature (ages 7-18, will consider your preferred method/curricula but are planning Great Books and Socratic discussion with hands-on activities for younger students)
  • Economics/Personal Finance/Money (ages 7-18)
  • Suggest something!

Teacher MUST have the following skills:

  • Understand their role is a FACILITATOR, not a disseminator of information.  You will be asked to demonstrate this in multiple ways.
  • Be able to create and stick to a quarter-, semester or year-long syllabus and a course information page similar to this for parents.
  • Comfortable using a rubric for evaluations for parent feedback and expectation-setting.  Rhetoric level courses come with grading responsibilities (depending on the course) for transcript use.
  • Understand the major goals of the group and embrace them whole-heartedly.
  • Co-teaching is absolutely welcomed!

We are a new organization and happy to pay for people’s time (whether they are an outside service or a parent-teacher) but it is also a homeschool community and not a private school so income will be commensurate with the situation.  All teaching positions pay $15 per 50-minute class minimum and go up from there based on enrollment and course content.  Rhetoric/high school level classes start at $20 per 50-minute class and go up from there based on course content, teacher credentials and enrollment.  If enrollment is high, teachers share in that additional income no matter what the course content or duration is.

Co-teaching situations are encouraged but both teachers will be interviewed and approved.

Does this fit you?  Do you have some great ideas?  Contact us!