Our course goals…

We are entering a new phase!  Based on survey results, here is what we would LIKE to be offering if we can find enough leaders and enrolled students (and find space and insurance affordably!)  We are undoubtedly going to be holding classes on Mondays but possibly also on Thursdays.  If we split it up, we don’t have access to the nursery on Thursdays and therefore are likely to be more focused on the Rhetoric level on Thursdays (perhaps running a second session of science and/or literature–which would meet twice/week)

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Topic Grammar Logic/Dialectic Rhetoric
Art X X X
Science X X High school level, full year
Logic/Philosophy Young Philosophers Socrates for Kids, Young Philosophers, Art of Argument or
offer to teach!
Discovery of Deduction or
offer to teach!
Literature Junior Great Books Great Books Great Books
Writing IEW “Fables, Myths & Fairy Tales” IEW or Great Books IEW or Great Books
Electives offer to teach! Gavel Club, Personal Finance
offer to teach!
Gavel Club, Personal Finance, Project Management,
offer to teach!