Great Books – Many Voices: Reading the World

This class is intended for students who can read and discuss at the 7-12 grade level and will cover literature of the world. Parents should be prepared for mature topics to be covered in this course.  Please gauge appropriateness for your child’s maturity level.

The curriculum used is “Reading The World” by the Great Books Foundation.  A table of contents showing the literary pieces included is available for parents (through the link provided) to research at their discretion if there are any concerns.  Literature is explored using the Shared Inquiry method of discussion.

Younger students may participate in our Junior Great Books course.


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Topics we will cover during the fall semester

  • How to participate meaningfully in a Shared Inquiry literature discussion
  • Value of reading world literature
  • Translation considerations
  • Literature of:
    • North, Central & South Americas
    • The Caribbean
    • Europe

Looking ahead to the spring semester (registration opens in early November), we will cover:

  • Literature of:
    • Middle East and Southeast Asia
    • East Asia and the Pacific Rim
    • Africa

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Required Materials:

  • “Reading the World” Student Book from
  • a notebook for any notes they need to take (single subject 70 sheet or similar is sufficient)
  • any previously received handouts.  Some may wish to keep the course handouts in a separate folder.
  • students may be asked to do research throughout the year.  It’s possible they will present their research in creative ways that may require additional materials from hom.

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  • Students should be able to read fluently and independently at a middle school level.  If they can read the likes of Harry Potter–they should be fine.
  • Be able to respectfully participate in group discussion.

ILED clock iconThis course will meet for 15 weeks.  There will be approximately 2 hours of homework each week (total of 45 hours/semester).  If you would like access to additional resources and exercises that can be used at the parents discretion for greater evaluation or challenge if this course is being used to contribute towards credit-bearing learning experiences.

Parent involvement:  Parent involvement is always required for our courses. We do not expect most Logic/early Rhetoric students to have mastered managing their time independently or remembering all of their assignments and materials.  We respectfully ask that you provide the loving scaffolding needed to help them build those habits through the repetition of helping them build those habits.  If you need guidance on doing this, there is a free webinar available to guide you.

ILED heart iconThis is a drop-off class.