Our Community

A coschool learning community aimed at creating citizens and leaders of the world.  Leadership is not about a corporate title, but about creating movement to effect change.

We want our children to understand the world… to be in touch with the world… from it’s soil to it’s people to what lies beyond.  We want to shed light on the areas of learning often left in the dark.  We want to lead by example in behavior and relationships.

Together, we are always questioning and always learning… and breathing fresh air as often as possible.



Our Learning Goals

Exploring and learning how to explore… Slowing down to take in the air and the world we live in, but learning how to make new discoveries and expand on what we know… Building a foundation of thinking and organizing thoughts and discoveries

Exposure to the richness of language… Younger children gain exposure and start to formulate questions.  Older children learn how to think critically and articulate their ideas in various forums and formats.

Expanding worldview by learning about the world… each land with it’s cultures and religions, governments and civics, languages… the goal is to understand the world around us and it’s peoples–to open a new window to the world.

Our Location

We have a wonderful opportunity to work with the DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church near the intersection of Naperville Road and Route 88 in northern Naperville.

Their interior space enables us to hold classes for multiple age levels at a time.  Their exterior space is a natural wonderland that includes consciously planted native plant species that are usually dispersed over a larger region.  This area has gravel trails for the kids to make their way through the area (and keep them within view when the plants are high)

We may have access to the nursery area for the smallest siblings, and a large open area for when it’s too cold (or rainy) to be outside.

We’re very excited about this opportunity!!