While we strive to encourage the development of all our children into respectful, responsible and helpful people; negative behaviors towards others in the group will not be tolerated.  Part of our learning is to deal with people we may not like and navigating those social challenges.  Student mediation is a core part of our learning process.

It is expected that parents of the group model this behavior.  Everyone has a bad day, but too many “bad days” and clique-like behavior will result in requesting that your family not return.  Parents are encouraged to reach out to one another and get to know one another without judgment.  As we try to develop children that become strong community-builders, we must build our strong community as well.

Parenting is hard.  Homeschooling is hard.  We have these things in common.  Let’s focus there instead of what is different…


Founder Heather DeGeorge has been teaching and mentoring all of her life from gymnastics instruction to small children, to coaching and teaching public high school students, up through corporate training and technical school for adults.  She moved from corporate management into teaching in the public schools to homeschooling her own children while offering private coaching, education and consulting.  Her formal education includes:

  • Master of Arts in Teaching with a focus on educational technology
    • additional graduate credits in Special Education and Teaching Children with Autism
  • graduate certificate in Project Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Project Management Professional certification since 2003
  • diploma in Network Engineering & Data Communications
  • multiple certifications in coaching
  • educated and participated in student mediation as a high school student

Personally, Heather has been a biological, foster and adoptive parent with two permanent children.  She has taken on the autism spectrum, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, ADD/ADHD, giftedness, anxiety and a long list of physical challenges in the children she has parented.